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How to Spend One Week in Bali!

Me and my best friend (now fiance hehehe) planned our trip to Bali as soon as we decided to drop out of school together. He was moving back to Japan, so I bought my flight to meet him there, and then we booked our flights to spend seven days in Bali. It was so exciting! My first trip out of the country by myself!!! I was feeling inspired as well, ready to travel the world. This year Bali, next year the world! Hahahaha.

rented mopeds in bali!

The time was getting closer, so we gathered a few more friends and took off on an adventure of a lifetime. Going to Bali was an amazing choice for a first place to travel, it was so much fun, and so eye opening. I experienced a culture so different from my own, and my eyes were opened to how people live so differently throughout the world.

Bali is becoming more popular as a tourist destination, as more and more people go there to see the culture, nice beaches, and surf the famous waves. There’s so many different things to do. It can be overwhelming to choose!! Below is a travel guide of everything we did on our trip in one week! We were able to keep everything really affordable, while still having an amazing experience and seeing so much of the island.


When we first arrived in Bali, it was late at night and we took a taxi straight to our Airbnb in Ubud. Ubud is outside of the city, with more nature and people living. It has a ton of rice terraces, and temples.

monkey forest

We stayed in a hostel, called Ubud Sekembang Sari Hostel, for only $4 each night. We all slept in bunk beds in the same room, and we had a pool right outside. It was also a great place to meet other travellers, and we became close friends with some people we met there.

While we were there we did the main tourist attraction activities. We immediately rented mopeds from a place down the street so we could get around easily. I really recommend renting mopeds!! Our main activities there were the Monkey Forest, and going to the Rice Terraces. These are both really popular tourist destinations, but for good reason. They were both amazing! I definitely think if you go to Bali, you have to see these! We also just hung out at our pool, swimming and hanging out with people.

We tried a lot of different places for food, but our number one favorite, we went to multiple times, was called WBC. It was right down the street from our hostel, and it had such good food!


After a few days in Ubud we took a boat to a small island off of Bali called Gili Island. We heard a lot of good things about this island, so we decided to try it out. This island is tiny. Small enough that you can walk completely around it(yes, we tried it… on accident). There’s no cars on the island, only bikes and horses.

We stayed in a nicer Airbnb during this part of our trip. We had a few more friends come with us here. Our place was private, with three rooms, and our own pool! We also got free breakfast, and the person who worked there was so nice and friendly. He took us out around the island, and showed us the best clubs on the island.

the beach in Gili Island

Gili island is really known for its nightlife. There isn’t too much to do during the day except hang out at the beach. We did that though, and it was really nice! Clear blue warm water, with little boats everywhere. The nightlife was really fun as well, a ton of people dancing and running around the beaches, with great music.

One really memorable place we ate was called Tiki Grove. We came across it by accident, and decided to catch a bite to eat. It was really good food, at a great price. They also have great themed drinks.


We only stayed in Kuta for one night, right before our flight left the next day. Kuta is more of a city, with lots of shops and people walking around. So it’s fun to just walk around the city and see the shops. It was late so we just got dinner somewhere and went back to our hotel, but I would love to spend more time in this beautiful city.

rice terraces

Bali was definitely a great choice to have a first lone trip out of my own country. It really sparked my passion for traveling and I highly recommend it for everyone. I wish I could go back and do it all again. Bali is also a really affordable place to visit, I think I went with around $200 in cash, and was able to have so much fun. If you plan on visiting Bali soon, I hope this little travel guide will help you figure out what you want to do, and help raise your excitement!


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