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How I Edit My Photos!

So often I get asked, “How do you edit your Instagram photos?” or “What filters do you use on your photos?” So here I am, to answer the big question. When I first started getting into editing my photos, I was using the photos of some of my favorite photographers as inspiration on how to edit lighting and colors. Eventually, I was able to use that inspiration and make it into my own kind of style.

But, to make it easier for everyone else, I created a Lightroom Mobile Preset Pack, with 8 different filters you can put on your photos to make them look a little better!

A lot of big influencers on social media sell their Lightroom Presets, but they can be so expensive! Like, $50 or $60 for maybe 10 presets. I was never able to afford that, and I’m sure many others aren’t either, so I decided to make some affordable, but still quality presets that you can buy!

Check it out in the shop!

After you purchase your presets, you may still have a hard time figuring out how to download and apply the presets. It can be kind of confusing. So, here is a step by step guide on how to do it exactly!

Step One: Start out on the PeachyPaige Shop and purchase the mobile preset pack from Etsy.

Step Two: Then, you should receive an email from Etsy with a downloadable file.

Step 3: at this point, if you haven’t already you should download the LIGHTROOM MOBILE APP for your smartphone.

Step 4: Click on the file you received in the email, and click preview content

Step 5: Click the save button at the bottom and save each of the DNG images to your phone as images.

Step 6: Open the lightroom app and import the DNG photos. Click on the photo, then the three dots in the top right corner, click create preset, and give it a name!

Step 7: Now, you can repeat these steps with the other presets!

After you’re done importing the presets, try using them on photos! Import a photo of your choice to Lightroom, click presets in the bottom right of the editor, and apply whichever preset you want to the photo!

Play around with which presets go with which type of photo, and what looks the best. Not all presets are going to look great on every photo, so just mess around with it! Also, it’s really important to still edit some things after you use the preset. Fix up the exposure, or colors to get the best result.

I'm so excited to see all the photos you edit after using these presets! Thank you so much and happy editing!


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