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6 Tips to Make Packing For a Trip Easier

How to make packing for your next trip a breeze!


Packing. Everybody's favorite part of going on vacation. Not really... or maybe not at all. Packing can be so stressful, and such a hassle. However, there are also some ways to make packing a little bit easier. You can start being excited about your trip, while thinking about what you need and organizing. Packing makes the trip start to feel real, and you get to start thinking about yourself actually being at your destination!

I like to consider myself a "minimalist packing expert." Somehow I'm able to pack so lightly for every trip. I once was able to survive a two month trip, where I was traveling to multiple different countries with different weather, with one small carry on suitcase and a backpack(I’ll do anything to avoid paying $30 for a checked bag haha). Now that trip might’ve been a little too minimalistic and unorganized, but as I’ve continued traveling I’ve been able to get into a packing rhythm, to know exactly what I really need for a trip.

I’ve gotten the packing hassle down into 6 easy steps, to figure out what you need to bring, and how to bring it. Let’s get started:

Step One: Just Start Thinking

This step can be started as soon as you book your flights, or even before that! Just start thinking about your trip. Imagine yourself walking down the streets of Paris, or lounging by the beach in Mexico… but one question? What are you wearing? Start imagining what is best to wear in the place you’re going.

Of course what you bring for a trip to Paris vs. Mexico is going to be very different. You don’t want to be wearing a swimsuit with shorts and sandals to the Louvre. So start thinking about what things you want to do on your trip. Swim, hike, fancy dinner, etc? And just start thinking about what you need for each of these situations.

Step Two: Gather Inspiration

Before we go on a trip to a brand new place, it can be difficult to know exactly what we need to be prepared. So, we can start reading blogs, looking on Pinterest, watching YouTube videos of people on these trips. Get inspiration from what they did and what they wore and brought, so you can have a better idea of what your destination will be like.


#1: A very important part of being on vacation nowadays is the photos… of course! Every moment is being documented and posted on every single form of social media. So, make sure you wear what you feel confident in, and are perfect for all your daily activities. #2: Now is a good time to think about if there’s anything new that you want to buy for your trip. Maybe you need a new swimsuit, or new hiking shoes. Make sure to order them on time, so they arrive before your trip.

Step Three: Get Planning

When the date of your trip is getting closer, you probably have your trip activities planned out and booked. What you want to do, where you will stay, and what you need to do each day is a very important step. In order to stay completely organized, write things out in a calendar, or in a list. This way you know exactly what will be going on. This way you’ll know that on Monday you’re going hiking, Tuesday you’re going to the beach, and Wednesday you’re going shopping. You’ll know that you need clothes for hiking, a swimsuit, and shoes you can walk around in to go shopping. You can also look at the calendar and see that for a few activities you can use the same items. The shoes you need for shopping can also be used to go out to dinner, for example.


#1: I always try to pack neutral colors of clothing, so they can go with multiple different outfits. For example, one pair of shorts can be used with multiple tops, so there’s two or three different activities of clothing with one clothing item. This way you can pack less, but still wear a variety of styles.

#2: Always set out clothing that you want to wear on your traveling days. Make sure they’re comfortable, and have layers. Airplane temperature always changes so much.

Step Four: What Else Do You Need

Depending on where you’re going you’ll need different items. All your sunscreen, soap, accessories, etc. This is different for each person and each destination.


#1: Save time at the airport by buying travel safe bottles and put your liquid soaps in those, so you’re certain it’s the amount you can fly with.

#2: Put all your extra items in one bag, so you keep it all together and organized. This can also help you save space in your suitcase.

Step Five: Roll It Up

At leaassstt 2 days before your trip try to pack everything in to your suitcase. I’m so terrible at this, and always pack the day before a trip, which is terrible. But, the few times I packed up earlier it was so much more organized, and I didn’t forget anything and have to buy extra supplies when I arrived. This really can help you save time and money.


#1: Learn the rolling method for folding your clothes. I always use this technique because it makes everything so small and will seriously save you so much space!

Step Six: Grab Your Personal Bag

I always bring a little backpack with me that is full of little things that I like having access to at all times. This saves so much time in the airport, because you know exactly where everything is that you need. Also, sometimes at the airport they’ll ask if you want to check your carry on bag because they have extra space. If you have everything you need in your personal bag, you can check your carryon suitcase and not have to worry about carrying it around with you, it’s so nice!


#1: This is where I put my wallet, passport, book, phone charger, etc. If I’m going on a really long trip(over 8 hours of airplanes) I always bring an extra pair of clothes and some items to freshen up so I feel better and less disgusting.


Now you should be all ready and packed for your trip. Stress free, and ready to go live your dreams. These are just a few tips and tricks to hopefully make the packing part of your trip less of a hassle, so you can focus on your trip!


I’ve made two different guidelines to help you pack for a one week trip, somewhere cold and somewhere with warm weather. These will help you pack quickly and easily, and have everything you’ll need for a whole week!

This is a good guideline for what you should pack for a one week trip somewhere with warmer weather!

This is definitely a pretty minimal packing list, but it's great if you're trying to pack light. You'll have everything you need for the whole week!

And here is a guideline for a one week trip to somewhere with colder weather. Clothing for colder weather definitely takes up more space, but there are still ways to pack lightly.

This is a good way to pack lightly and have everything you still need for one week.

These are some of my favorite outfits I've worn, for a little bit of inspiration on what to bring for your next trip!


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